Overall a creative mind with 2 parallel careers. On one side I work as CD in Advertising. On the other I work as a Digital Artist and Visual Director. This site is focused on the last, on my work creating visual craft and directing teams to execute projects in agencies or production houses. On parallel I created Xebius, a digital playground where I illustrate my dreams using photocomposition, 3D and photo retouching techniques. To focus on my role as CD for digital and advertising please check:  www.forestforrent.com.

I already worked in 9 countries, including Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, US, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Japan, for top agencies and clients. Just to realise that I still need to learn a lot! 

Worked for Nike, Xbox, Suzuki, Coke, Sony, Footlocker, Mercedes, Microsoft, Nestle, Johnnie Walker, Heineken, Twitter, Samsung, HP, KIA and many others. For agencies like W+K, AKQA, TBWA, Publicis, Saatchi&Saatchi, gyro (Dentsu), RGA and North Kingdom.

I can help with:

- Art Direction & Ideation.
- Design, CGI & Retouching.
- Style frames, Character Design & Motion.
- Concepts & Matte.
Feel free to contact or contact me anytime for freelance or permanent roles. 

Email: manuel(at)forestforrent.com
Behance: be.net/manuelcamino
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/manuelcamino/
Instagram: @camino.manuel and @xebius_art
Currently in Málaga, Spain, I am available to help, as freelance or permanent everywhere.

Overall, I consider myself a hard worker, a creative dude, a decent person and an obstinate skateboarder.