While working as Freelance Creative Director at WeareSeventeen, I had the amazing opportunity to pitch for what was literally a dream project for Coke in partnership with their agency, Virtue. After winning the pitch to promote the new Coke flavour "Dreamworld", part of their "Creations" series, I had the privilege of leading an amazing team of motion designers and artists to bring this to life.


While working on the project I had a few surreal dreams that I decided to use as ideas to animate. Some of these animations are based on those dreams, while others are concepts created by Virtue and I only worked on the direction of the whole animation process as much as the visual style, following the approved look for the campaign as displayed on the product labels. A global campaign, whose animations we had to design, animate and create versions for all the different countries. A total of more than 300 deliverables. It's was trully challenging, but it was a lot of fun too, :)

Here the final videos and some of the original styleframes, animation tests, and research done for this project that was nominated as one of the top 5 animation projects in the cathegory of Commercial Campaign by the Motionographer, :)