Echoes of Japan is a serie of what I like to call "photos of my dreams" where I make an effort to remember and then illustrate a dream I had during my time in Japan. These are digital compositions where I mix photography, 3D and lots of painting trying to make you see what I saw in those dreams. Details on each of the pieces are displayed in my Visual Artist site "Xebius".  Feel free to check my xebius site if you are interested in knowing more, :)
Thanks for checking the work.

Here 5 pieces so far in this order.  Okane, Kazari, Sushi, Kumade and Taiko Riders.
A dream I had on the way to work in Japan, where I got inside the Japanese bills.

At the end of the year Japanese put some decorations on their doors as a charm for a lucky next one. I was fascinated with these pieces and that night I dreamed that animals and insects were decorating their own. This is what I saw. This piece is dedicated to Kanako Iiyama for her amazing support trying to make me get work and stay in Japan, thanks so much, :)  

That day I was working on the first illustration for Mar's Siren and watching videos about the life of the astronauts on the Space Station. It was surprising that up there they have food from different countries. And I was wondering how it would be to eat sushi in the space. In my dream the pieces of salmon, tuna, etc where floating around the lace that was keeping the bento box closed. It was somehow chaotic but beautiful. 

Dream after being explained what is a "Kumade" or a luck charm traditionally used in Japan.
Mine appeared in my room that night!

This is the dream I had after going to a "matsuri" of traditional festival in Japan. In this one a group of people was standing on top of huge "taikos" or drums. After lots of emotions and some beer, I ended falling that day and dreamed with this.