This is a concept art to illustrate the story of Hiroshi Takamori, a legendary samurai  who was forced to resign after the incident in which he killed a man who was molesting and injuring the lady who would become his wife and the mother of his daughter Tomoko.  The spread of a mortal disease that some blamed the Dutch merchants for, forced him to wield his katana in a desperate fight to protect his family. This movie, strongly influenced by a mix of Kurosawa and Tarantino put us in the shoes of a society with no phones, no TVs or radios, confronting something we are used to look at on a modern context. This is the movie I saw in my dreams and so I decided to illustrate what I still remember. I hope you like it and agree with me that this would be an amazing project to work on or watch, :)

The monk said it clearly, "you don't need a whole army to fight evil, but just a bell".  Some samurais laughed, while others looked confused. The next morning, in the middle of the storm and while the army was preparing to combat, in the distance, the sound of a little bell was heard, close to the lake . The officers of the Shogun, riding their horses at full speed, couldn't believe the bravery of the monk, who placing himself on top of the ice, was using his bell to attract a huge horde of zombies, making the floor collapse. Could they reach him on time to pull him out and save his life? 

What would you suggest as ending?

The village burns in hell while the worst tornado recorded is literally busting the peninsula of Miura where Hirosi is trying his best to distract an hord of zombies to protect his family.