Fear The Walking Dead. AMC.


AMC brief was very clear. To create awareness about the new series in Singapore. Restrictions were too. No zombies, no much budget, nothing from the show that could be revealed. Even no connection with The Walking Dead could be created from the start. Not an easy one. But it was fun! A lot of fun. 

Strategy & Idea:

If everybody these days is doing pranks, we thought to do a "Prank That Goes Out of Control".  The focus needed to be around "FEAR" and we could demonstrate, based on the reactions from people who watched our video, that is the most contagious thing ever, what linked with the series again and how this zombie apocalypse started. To make it more realistic, in fact we created a real system to impress two kind of inks on the skin of people and we explained and demonstrated this actually working.

The teaser video (that you have see below) was uploaded in a very popular Facebook page in Singapore and BINGO!  In 4 days we reached one million people with a Media budget of 600 SGD and a production budget of 15k.  

Then we revealed the second video creating conversation again, :)

Promax Award to Best Outstanding Marketing Initiative in Asia.