Creating characters is one of the funniest things and a great way to improve your 3D skills. I will be adding here some of these little fellas out of the 3D oven, :)
HOTTY & BURGER. For the first time in years, I imagined hot dogs being back in Mc Donalds. And in order to introduce them I imagined the adventures of hotty & burger series to promote the 1 dollar new hot dogs.
NEVER GOOD ENOUGH. Don't you sometimes feel that no matter how much you try it's never good enough? I feel that way especially when it comes to sites like Artstation, Behance, etc. You spend hours and hours in front of the computer, but then your work will never be seen... Well, Lucy feels this way today, and I fully understand it.
BONE IS IN THE AIR. I always found really funny the idea of a splitted avocado becoming two characters. So instead of "Love being in the air", now we have a "bone", what somehow reminds me to "bond". Well, there you have it. 
CUTE MONSTERS. I always felt fascinated by the combination of two things that are normally seen as opposites, "cute" and "monster". But this is how I actually see my little nieces, and so I decided to create one of them visually, and this is what came. Hopefully more soon, :)