When we were asked to partner in order to create an app for The National Gallery of Singapore, we knew that we needed to do justice to the vast collection of over 8,000 treasures – the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian art. As such, it was pointless to create something that could merely book your tickets online or for you to check a map of the gallery. We wanted to do more, much more. 


We decided to elevate the experience by unlocking the potential of the gallery through creativity and technology - looking at it as something that can be brought to life, beyond the walls of the building. We didn’t want people to WATCH ART, but to EXPERIENCE IT fully. This is how we made it humanly relevant. 

The Gallery Explorer app is your personal tour guide, one that facilitates a real-time connection with each of the pieces, allowing you to learn more about the stories behind them. It also encourages interactivity by giving you the platform to create and curate your own gallery, to share it on social media, to generate your tours and more.  Even before the launch of the official marketing campaign, we’ve seen that the Gallery Explorer app has been very well-received by the public with over 6,000 downloads in just a few days. This is promising! 

Thanks to everybody for the hard work.