After 100 years of Nestle in Vietnam, the client wanted to celebrate with this campaign that included all you can imagine. A special celebration logo, whole packaging for their products, a TVC, billboards, website, an event and so on.


"100 Nam Nhap Gia Tuy Tuc" or "100 years in Vietnam, 100 years like a Vietnamese". The whole campaign idea was to create a strong link between the brand and the Vietnamese culture and people. And this had to be reflected in all we did, including the aesthetic and the general tone of every little piece of the communication. Using traditional Vietnamese references I wanted it all to breath authentic, as a proof of the correct understanding of the culture by the brand. The campaign was a huge success, including a 24 hours live website that for 100 days was providing lots of giveaways and that made people to be addicted to it the whole time, what made this to become the most successful online campaign till then. Even though I am Spanish, I got to reach the Vietnamese hearts, what felt great.

Special thanks to Mr Chu, who was my copy partner to accomplish this success. 
Branding & Packaging