Wknhrs, an agency in Los Angeles, asked me to conceive and direct a series of videos for the new Powerade campaign with the intention of bringing awareness of the fact that the new product formula has 50% more electrolytes and "That's Mad!". They wanted something punchy, full of energy with underground vibes and a huge contrast. 


The idea I presented was "It's time for madness" and it was based on their core concept and positioning "From the underestimated to the undeniable". So I thought, what if a normal scene, with nothing special, in a dark environment comes to life when the new formula and all those electrolytes transform a shot, a hit, a score into something mad and bright, full of energy and flavour? This way, instead of explaining what means "50% electrolytes", we simply show it as more scores, more wins, more energy, more light in the darkness, more magic, more madness.

So a series of 3 videos, for basketball, American football and soccer was made under my direction. I worked on the concept, storyboards, and then the art direction for the styleframes (you can see this at the bottom) and finally the direction of all the animation and post. Considering the extremely tight budget and times, I am glad that, thanks to the lovely guys at Tactyc, we could pull this out on time and make the client happy.