Friend&Foe's brief was simple, to make the best teaser possible for the release of their first game ever, a project they worked for nearly 4 years. They wanted something minimalistic, with no much texts, no voice overs, and nothing unnecesary. In one and a half minutes the whole vibe of this adventure had to be displayed, but nothing could be said. Their attachment to the game made this quite a hard project to work on.


It was clear to me that we had to find a way to emotionally connect with the gamers, and focus on what they would feel rather than on the mechanics or just the aesthetics of it.  Bring a emotion across is hard without telling a story, but telling a story could be misleading about what actually happens in the game. My approach was then to focus on the journey from the world of freedom, light and nature, to the world of the construction, the human, the sacrifice. By uplifting the tone from light to darkness and leaving it on a very high note that reveals the kid becoming the bird on an bright open sky I hope I got to bring the emotion across and make the gamers feel something similar to what they would experience playing this gorgeous game.

In terms of the music, it was a blast working with Thomas Lilja. He was open and very receptive to my ideas and references and the result was amazing. I hope you guys like it and seduces you to play a game I personally love so much, :)