Mr. Petoski and myself were asked to work on a second direction in order to be part of a pitch for Vietnamobile, a Vietnamese telecom company specialized on the teen market and prepaid business.


The deadline was VERY TIGHT and we came with this concept "Thay Cam La Ket" (See Orange. Connect Orange.) in record time. The brand wanted to own the orange color, so we thought the best way was to use the double meaning of "connect" as having personal connection (emotional) with the brand (orange) and as being able to communicate (rational connection) thanks to it. As soon as you see orange (Vietnamobile), you connect emotionally, the orange way (positive, energetic, young, etc) and physically.

But orange is just a color, so I decided to create a bunch of orange characters to have better interaction with theĀ spirit of a brand you connect with. ThatĀ“s how "The Orange Tribe" was born with Mr. Orange as the ambassador and the rest attached to their most popular products. Then we created them in both 2D and 3D versions and explain to our potential client how we could apply this on an overall campaign.

And we won the pitch!! :)